Cutting/Finighing Tool / 裁剪用品 Cutting / Finishing Tool

We handle all kinds of cutting materials like expendable supplies and cutting mashines(Hard). Craft papers are especially in great demand in the expendable supplies, and we often heard that the customers have difficulty in costing high at craft papers in this many variety-small lot age. It could be cut the cost by changing the maker. We will put ourself to customer's place and propose variously. We also handle the chemical products (stain remover, silicon, agent for machine mentenance etc).

Please leave us the products about materials for press, hangers, keepers, mounts, tag pins and more.



The inquiry about products 关于商品的咨询

Please contact the following, if there is an unknown about products.

Ehime Head Office / 爱媛总社(Ohno / 大野) TEL:0898-32-5050 / FAX:0898-31-9370
Osaka Head Office / 大阪总社(Kubota / 久保田) TEL:06-4793-0670 / FAX:06-4793-0671
Tokyo Office / 东京营业所(Kikuchi / 菊池) TEL:03-5825-4683 / FAX:03-5547-2457

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Products / 商品信息

Ehime 爱媛 0898-32-5050
Osaka 大阪 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 东京 03-5825-4683
Shanghai 上海 +86-21-6235-0397