Packing Tool / 包装辅料 Packing Tool

When products is shipped, the packing material is necessary item. Some people basically regard the packing material as expendable supplies,therefore, they think cost performance is more inportant. On the other hand , there are some customer who makes more importance of packing quantity considering work effectivility. We handlewith various makers items to support such much needs.

We make arrangements with customers about craft tape, cloth tape, PP tape, unity material such as PP band or the tough rope,a buffer material, other packing cases and vanity cases then we correspond along customer requested standard and design. If you have any questions please inquiry us.



The inquiry about products 关于商品的咨询

Please contact the following, if there is an unknown about products.

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Products / 商品信息

Ehime 爱媛 0898-32-5050
Osaka 大阪 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 东京 03-5825-4683
Shanghai 上海 +86-21-6235-0397