Ribbon / 缎带 Ribbon

We always make an organization to support customer s request by coporating with every domestic main maker (ROSE, DARIN, UNITED RIBBONS, MOKUBA, others) . We can correspond one unit order as long as it suppose to be from basic items and sample cut.

In addition to that , we accept second operation following as tip and ribbon processing by using ready-made cloth and another special order. Please inquiry us.

各主要厂商(ROSE、DARIN、UNITED RIBBONS、MOKUBA、其他)合作,形成了应对客户的各种需求的体制。固定规格商品以一卷为单位订购,打样时也可以进行切割。


The inquiry about products 关于商品的咨询

Please contact the following, if there is an unknown about products.

Ehime Head Office / 爱媛总社(Ohno / 大野) TEL:0898-32-5050 / FAX:0898-31-9370
Osaka Head Office / 大阪总社(Kubota / 久保田) TEL:06-4793-0670 / FAX:06-4793-0671
Tokyo Office / 东京营业所(Kikuchi / 菊池) TEL:03-5825-4683 / FAX:03-5547-2457

Print / 印刷
Products / 商品信息

Ehime 爱媛 0898-32-5050
Osaka 大阪 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 东京 03-5825-4683
Shanghai 上海 +86-21-6235-0397