Industrial Sewing Thread / 工业用缝纫机线 Industrial Sewing Thread

We have a wide vriety of items, our main item is sewing thread for industry.

We always arrange each maker and each kinds of items to be satisfied with our customer. The thread of 'organic cotton' which is capturing the spotlight is put on the market as our original brand. This is very popular among many apparel companies. In addition to that, we made an agency contact with the major world 3 sewing thread companies COATS, A&E, and AMANN . It possible to delivery not only Japanese domestic but all over the world.

If there is a question about sewing thread, please do not hesitate to consult.




The inquiry about products 关于商品的咨询

Please contact the following, if there is an unknown about products.

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Ehime 爱媛 0898-32-5050
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