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From 2 country relations To 3 country relations

The long-awaited Hanoi in Vietnam local subsidiary has opened.
Takubo is originally good at handling with relationships between Japan and China ,after adding Vietnam office ,we try to be strengthen networks among 3 countries( Japan,China and Vietnam )then expand more global network to ASEAN countries.

Construct ASEAN concept

While the world is suffering from economic crisis, Asian countries attract attentions as an area leading the world economy. We would like to build up ASEAN concept to be able to support supplying material of sewing threads for Thailand,Myanmar,Laos,Cambodia and Bangladesh .
In the fashion industry which is changing with times, the sense of read the point of times is requested.We should constantly brush up the Takubo network expanding home and abroad so as to meet the needs of broad industry continue providing the service satisfied with customers.
Takubo network is still keep expanding.


Advanced to Shanghai 20 years ago.
We provide high quality service from Shanghai,Zhongshan and Vietnam for customer with our experience and business results built in past 20 years.


Takubo Vietam opened.
We would like to make a market construction by riding with the flow of economic growth of Vietnam.


The inquiry about foreign operations.

If you have any questions about foreign operations,please contact the following.

Ehime Head Office Ohno TEL:0898-32-5050 / FAX:0898-31-9370
Osaka Head Office Kubota TEL:06-4793-0670 / FAX:06-4793-0671
Tokyo Office Kikuchi TEL:03-5825-4683 / FAX:03-5547-2457
Shanghai Office Watanabe TEL:+86-21-6235-0397 / FAX:+86-21-6235-0009
Zhongshan office Yokota TEL:+86-76-0886-2653 / FAX:+86-76-0886-2653
Hanoi Office Seike TEL:+84-4-6328-8935 / MOBILE+84-1-2751-8770


Ehime H.O. 0898-32-5050
Osaka H.O. 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 03-5825-4683
Shanghai +86-21-6235-0397