FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Is there the list of products?
An industrial sewing thread and apparel parts of accessories.
There are many handling items and is classified in several thousand, tens of thousands of kinds.We classify an industrial sewing thread,apparel parts of accesories in 15 items in our website, and we introduce them. They are lining , padding material , lace , industrial texture rubber , fastener , button , tape , ribbon , packing material , textile , cutting , finish article , sewing part -related shoulder pad , fiber miscellaneous articles , others. About details, Please refer to the page of the product introduction, or ask our staff directly.
It is possible to customer's demand we will arrange items which made full use of a technique and know-how.
What kind of thing does Takubo Co., Ltd. do as business?
Our core business is that to sell an industrial sewing thread and apparel parts of accesoriesl. We started our business from selling the industrial sewing thread, so we have a confidence that the number of handling domestic sewing thread comapnies and competitive price. One side we are extendging our sales share of our sewing thread, the other side we are acquiring experiences and results in the field of the accesories. We have been advancing day by day.
Among our summer and winter campaign we may sell following itmes as our promotion activity (somen, a blanket, socks, electric appliance) which fitted season.
How many employees and offices ? Where is your local office?
Now in the domestic office,about 60 Japanese staffs as regular staff .
In Shanghai Office,there are about 20 local staffs and several Japanese staff.
In Zhongshan Office, there are a local staff and several Japanese staffs.
In Hanoi Office, there is a Japanese staff and some local staffs.
In Japan...11 offices (Tokyo, Gifu, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Uwajima, Miyakonojo, Kumamoto)
Overseas...3 business offices (Shanghai, Nakayama, Vietnamese Hanoi)
We make full use of the network get together 14 offices domestic and overseas, and we work hard to respond as soon as possible to our customer's demand .
We aim at "Quick Response Quick Derivery".


If you have any questions,please contact following.

Ehime Head Office Ohno TEL:0898-32-5050 / FAX:0898-31-9370
Osaka Head Office Kubota TEL:06-4793-0670 / FAX:06-4793-0671
Tokyo Office Kikuchi TEL:03-5825-4683 / FAX:03-5547-2457
Ehime H.O. 0898-32-5050
Osaka H.O. 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 03-5825-4683
Shanghai +86-21-6235-0397