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Aim to be a sustainable company with believing the possibility of thread.

It was said that the oldest yarn spinning machine in the world was discoverd in Faiyum Lakeside,Egypt. That was at least 5,000 B.C.

Since then, people have been using the thread for clothes, accessories, commodities and everyting, and changed its material an function with trends of the times. Today,the thread gained more various added to its value , and its variety is infinite.

We would like to catch the changing of times quickly like the history that thread ticked away. And we would like to continue making steady efforts to keep being a sustainable company.

"That's Takubo's Spirit"


To keep being a pioneer and a leader in the fashion industryin the new age.

Over the centuries, human beings have fostered a clothing culture in everyday life. Through the clothing they wear and the designs they choose, they can try to express their feelings and send important messages. The style in fashion is a reflection of the era. In these rapidly changing times, our ways of living are being diversified. TAKUBO, as mediator between apparel makers and manufacturers, always tries to control the information flow to develop new products satisfying the demand of the times. In this age of globalization, we established Vietnam office following Shanghai and Zhongshan office. Vietnam has attracted a great deal of the world as China+ ONE. We will put great effor into developing business at Asean countries in the near future.

TAKUBO will live up to its reputation as a first-rate general trading house dealing with apparel parts and accessaories in Japan,and we are try to construct the fashion-cultural communications. And we would like to be a pioneer and aleader in the fashion industry.


It's started from one string of thread

TAKUBO was founded in 1934 and started from wholesales business dealing with industrial sewing thread. Since our inception as a general trading house dealing with apparel parts and accessories, we, as a creator of beauty, have been committed to meet the wide range of demands in the apparel industry.

We will continuously expand our business in the future.

We started our business dealing with sewing materials and we have a strong position in that industry. We will continue to make our own history with our challenging spirit & high motivation.



1934 Takubo Thread Store established by Masataka Takubo as dealer of industrial sewing thread in Imabari city, Ehime.
1952 Incorporated and changed corprate name to "Takubo Thread Co., Ltd."
1966 Changed corporate name to "Takubo CO., LTD"
1970 Completed construction of the First Building of the Head Office.
Established Uwajima Office.
1973 Established Marugame Office.
1984 Completed construction of the Hiroshima Office Building.
Established Osaka Branch (Sales Promotion and Planning Division).
Established Kubokawa Office.
1985 Established Tokushima Office.
1986 Completed construction of the Marugame Office Building.
1987 Opened the Grand Conference Hall in Head Office.
Completed the Office Online System.
Established Kumamoto Office.
1988 Established the Overseas Development Division.
1990 Established Yamaguchi Office and Miyakonojyo Office.
1993 Established Shanghai Office and Kurume Office.
1995 Established Takubo (Hong Kong)Co., Ltd.
1998 Established Shenzhen Office.
1999 Established Tokyo Office.
2000 Established Takubo (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Completed the Inter-office Network System.
2002 Established Takubo Apparel (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
2004 70th anniversary
Established Zhongshan Office.
2005 Established Qingdao Office.
Acuquisition of ISO9001(Hiroshima Office)
2006 Started dealing with thread of towel at TK Corporation transferd from Itochu Corporation's commercial rights.
2008 Sent a employee assigned to the Hanoi Office.
2011 Established TAKUBO VIETNAM CO., LTD.

Corprate Profile

Ehime Head Office 6-8-4, Tokiwa-cho, Imabari city, Ehime, Japan. PC794-0015 TEL:+81-898-32-5050
Osaka Office Takubo Building, 2-26, honmachi-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. PC540-0029 TEL:+81-6-4793-0670
Founded in 1934
Established in 1952
President & CEO Hitoshi Takubo
Paid-in Capitals 30million yen
Empoyees 80(Domestic)/20(Overseas)
Sales 6,000million yen (Mar 01,2008 to Feb 28, 2009)
Board member Aiko Takubo, Keiko Kawai etc.
Business Activities Sales of apparel related materials and accessories
Merchandise Industrial sewing thread, Sewing materials (Button, Zippners, Padding, Elastic etc.)
Major suppliers ITOCHU Corpration/Gunze Industries Co., Ltd./FUJIX Ltd./Moririn Co., Ltd./MIYAMA Co., Ltd./Daikoku Ltd./Japan Vilene Co., Ltd.
Affiliates Takubo Kosan, Ltd./ TK Corporation Ltd./ Takubo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd./ Takubo (Shanghai)Co., ltd./ Takubo Apparel (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Main Bank The Iyo Bank. Ltd./ Mizuho Bank, Ltd./ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp./ Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Ltd./ Hyakujyushi Bank, Ltd./ hiroshima Bank, Ltd.


Ehime H.O. 0898-32-5050
Osaka H.O. 06-4793-0670
Tokyo 03-5825-4683
Shanghai +86-21-6235-0397